Considering the needs of the global market and customer satisfaction; to be the first brand that comes to mind in the sectoral scope, which produces high quality products in accordance with international and national quality standards and creates added value for the country's economy.

To become the first brand that comes to mind in the sectoral sense; To be a strong and reliable global company that effectively evaluates the opportunities that are created by creating innovation against its competitors.

Our company, which aims to be preferred by its customers in the global market without sacrificing quality since its establishment, has adopted the principle of protecting natural resources and the environment in all its processes, using energy efficiently, and continuing our business in healthy, safe and ergonomic environments, as well as customer-focused, transparent and objective approaches to produce appropriate solutions. By continuously and effectively communicating with our customers, employees and solution partners; The Board of Directors is committed to providing innovation by producing high-quality products at state-of-the-art modern facilities and continually improving efficiency by guiding international and national quality standards.

► To be reliable,
► To be transparent,
► To be active,
► To be innovative,
► To be creative,
► To focus on the solution,
► To be respectful towards family bonds,
► To be fair and honest,
► To focus on the customer,
► To value customer satisfaction,
► To improve,
► To be aware of the environment,
► To put "people first",
► To be conscious and have a sense of belonging,
► To be charitable,
► To be committed to national and moral values,
► To adhere to the law,
► To value our employees,
► To adopt the philosophy of quality.

As B Pro, all of the suggestions and dissatisfaction that our customers can have in our hotel concept and home furniture sector, our products, activities and requests, can be forwarded to us with our free hotline 444 6 077 and info@bpro.com.trcommunication options; In accordance with legal requirements and B Pro company policy, our main objective is to turn objectivity, accessibility and confidentiality by our end without compromising ISO 10002 principles. In line with this aim, we will carry out the necessary improvements in order to prevent the repetition of dissatisfaction; In the planning, implementation, control and continuous improvement cycle, we are committed to customer satisfaction.
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